Domestic Violence Register

The world's first international domestic violence register debuts in June 2021.
Misha Kaura, a law student and fashion entrepreneur, is leading a grassroots initiative to hold abusers around the world accountable by publicly posting all restraining orders, protective orders, injunctions, court records about abusers.  The Domestic Violence Register will save countless lives across racial, geographic, class, and caste lines by holding these character disordered people responsible for their decisions in life.  It's time to take power and control away from abusers and into the hands of concerned citizen-activists.
To this end, Misha has handpicked a ten-person UpWork team of social science toppers and several dozen more data entry contractors who are collaborating with police chiefs, legal aid lawyers and social workers to catalogue and classify different types of offenders.  With survivor permission via an informed consent form, all public legal records about their abuser will be made public on this website for life.  If a judge has granted a survivor a restraining order that has not been followed, then we will hold the abuser responsible and liable for the rest of their lives by posting that information, plus their full name, any aliases, and photographs in public.  We understand that the police rarely enforce restraining orders and domestic violence injunctions, so we're holding abusers accountable by making those judgments public.  Survivors get to block out their names to protect their privacy, but abusers don't.  Actions have consequences for life.  Abusing people has consequences for life.  Survivors concerned about their safety don't have to report their abusers, but survivors who want to fight back and prevent others from going through the same thing have the option open to them.  As well, any official police report record is enough to qualify for posting even if charges were not filed.  The point is that survivors deserve choices, they deserve justice, they deserve change, and they deserve action.  Not useless, pointless "task force" meetings run by politicians who care more about their sushi perks than life-saving policies.

The stunning, user-friendly PHP 5 mySQL programmed database includes:
50,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in England and Wales
50,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in Ireland
50,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in France
100,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in Switzerland
100,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in Australia and New Zealand
500,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in India
500,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in Pakistan
3,000,000 repeat domestic violence offenders in the United States

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